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Georgia Tech to Offer a MOOC-Like Online Master’s Degree, at Low Cost

The program is expected to take most students three years to complete, and cost less than $7,000. Continue reading


Stanford to collaborate with edX to develop a free, open source online learning platform

The edX learning platform source code, as well as platform developments from Stanford, edX and other contributors, will be available on June 1, 2013. Continue reading

MOOC Keynote Conversation – SXSWedu 2013 from SXSWedu

In a special keynote conversation moderated by award-winning writer with The New York Times Laura Pappano, Coursera co-founder Andrew Ng and edX President Anant Agarwal will focus on massive open online courses (MOOCs), a rapidly growing interest in the education space, designed to offer large-scale participation through the web. Continue reading

SXSWedu: A MOOC Love Fest

Although MOOCs won’t replace universities, they are “causing universities to rethink what’s possible with education,” Continue reading

Peer Grading Can’t Work

… The implicit assumption of any peer grading arrangement is that students with minimal direction can do what humanities professors get paid to do and I think that’s the fatal flaw of these arrangements. This assumption not only undermines the authority of professors everywhere; it suggests that the only important part of college instruction is … Continue reading

Measuring the MOOC Dropout Rate

Researchers are trying to understand why the vast majority of students fail to finish free online classes and who is signing up for the classes to begin with. Continue reading

Google Will Fund Cornell MOOC

Google will support — both financially and technologically — the MOOC version of Six Pretty Good Books. Continue reading

Learning Outcomes in Online Courses Not Equal for All Students

Sacrificing grades and persistence for cheaper, easier access to education could lead to an achievement gap in academia. Continue reading

Apple’s iTunes U surpasses 1 billion downloads as online education takes off

iTunes U growth also showed a spike in recent years, as online education has become more accepted. The company announced that it had surpassed 300 million downloads on the service in August of 2010, a little more than three years after the service launched; less than three years later, it has added 700 million more. Continue reading

Rate my MOOC

The MOOC review sites offer a fascinating glimpse into the population of nontraditional learners enrolled in online courses. Students from Stockholm to Macedonia, posting on Course Talk about a University of Pennsylvania MOOC on modern American poetry, say the class has allowed them to “dwell in possibility.” Continue reading