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SXSWedu: A MOOC Love Fest

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Another advantage of this model is that people who aren’t university students yet can take MOOC classes to get ready. “Won’t that be wonderful if high school students come in learning more?” Ng asked. The effect will probably wind up being similar to having taken advanced placement courses, where even if credits don’t transfer a student might be able to “test out” of taking an introductory course and move on to taking more challenging ones, he said. Ng also sees great potential for working professionals to come up to speed by taking a series of MOOC courses and then enrolling in a more traditional program to finish a degree.

Both men talked about the need for continuous, life-long learning to replace the traditional notion of a college education as a one-time event. “To go to school for four years and then for the next 40 years coast on what you learned in college — that doesn’t make any sense in today’s world,” Ng said. “Each of us needs to get regular booster shots of knowledge in order to remain current.”


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