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E-learning short courses (Photo credit: London College of Fashion short courses)

Rate My Professors is nothing new, but is. A student review site of massive open online courses, Course Talk has in recent months emerged alongside other MOOC review forums such as and It’s no surprise that MOOCs, which arose from the same Silicon Valley sensibility behind crowdsourcing, would generate online spaces for students to flip out about their flipped classrooms.

MOOC review sites also have the potential to amplify the problems of sites such as Rate My Professors. Some academic topics do not lend themselves to the flash and flair that drive enthusiastic Internet traffic. A chemistry explosion is more interesting to watch than a philosophy lecture. And the power dynamic of such sites — thousands of people shouting down a lecturer — makes professors beholden to the sometimes not-so-intellectually pure interests of their students: which they already are, of course; but the online world was a chance to do things differently.

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