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Apple’s iTunes U surpasses 1 billion downloads as online education takes off

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By Jeremy C. Owens

The system is beginning to garner wider acceptance, with San Jose State announcing earlier this month that it will partner with Mountain View-based MOOC company Udacity for the first such courses to be eligible for college credits, offering three lower-level math courses for $150, a much smaller fee than such classes typically cost at the state university. Also this month, the American Council on Education recommended credit for four Coursera undergraduate math and science courses from Duke University, the University of Pennsylvania and UC Irvine; Coursera is also a Mountain View-based MOOC company.

iTunes U growth also showed a spike in recent years, as online education has become more accepted. The company announced that it had surpassed 300 million downloads on the service in August of 2010, a little more than three years after the service launched; less than three years later, it has added 700 million more.

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